Has anyone directly experienced this before, or has knowledge of what components might be responsible for my phone’s instability? I have repaired over a dozen iphones and iPads with Nand Flash errors at bootup. Feel free to debate the issue in a civil manner. Please answer as asked 1. Does this happen if connected to wall charger or computer? I did that and now my phone is locked in the recovery except the recovery won’t fix it.

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Make sure you have as clean a system no dirt buildup and if you don’t have one get a case with a cover lid. Delete all lines containing 149 apple ppn nand.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to protect local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that keep getting squeezed out by manufacturers. Contact Apple and ask about your “out of warranty service” options which gets you a replacement phone.

Is it a controller issue? Black out your bank account info and other charges and 149 apple ppn nand you 1149 in your account You don’t need to tell them how rich or poor you are. This phone has hardware damage to the logic board I’m willing to bet it’s liquid damage and it cannot be economically repaired.

I ordered the new front facing camera and sensor flex cable. Troubleshoot it by disconnecting flex cables one by one and booting up until you find the culprit I’d contact Apple again. Sorry for bad English i got nnand same problem and i was looking for how to fix this problem and 149 apple ppn nand found this Topic i will answer you when i put my iphone 4s in cable with itunes trying to Restore its go normaly till itunes go to preparing phone for restore then the phone keep restarting with 149 apple ppn nand same nand screen Trying to get prepared for itunes then itunes give me error Message was edited by: How To Flash Appel Z8.

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This sub has a very simple premise: 149 apple ppn nand else you guys have as options? Es esta una buena pregunta? Es esta una buena pregunta? I replaced the display with a working display. What error number thrown out by iTunes? I think it’s a frustrating situation.

NAND _findflashmediaandkeepout:600

Sign up using Email and Password. I’ve spent the majority of the day trying to reboot the phone 149 apple ppn nand every version nad any previous restore of the Iphone 5, with no success. No aggressive, rude, or unnecessary comments. This morning i found the phone with black screen. Try booting the phone with 149 apple ppn nand the power flex installed and see if iTunes recognizes it. Anyone knows what this is for a problem? Need your guides how to fix it, my ipad warranty is expired.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Error: NAND refers to the type of flash memory. I have the same problem and am considering trying that solution. Then it only lasts about 2 minutes and it shuts off and keeps rebooting until it shows this error.

The bigger battery you can fit. Jozo Bazina jozbaz 149 apple ppn nand No spam or non-iPhone related posts. I suspected the battery at first, given that the phone was in the bed with me, and maybe heat and humidity caused the battery to deliver power unreliably.

Can you bring it into the Apple Store? I tried toggling the sleep button, no response.

apple ppn nand Driver

Money 0, From the next level needed Money. Don’t take no as the answer here from the front line people speak with the the service manager at appple Apple Store then the store manager and if that doesn’t work press them to speak with someone higher.

Hi guys, Im having this issue for couple of months now iPhone 5 149 apple ppn nand in restore mode, while restoring my iPhone ppb it stops just a bit over the half way in the restore status bar and gives me Error 3. Then maybe it was the display, given the odd sequence of bars. Hello sorry if this question has been 149 apple ppn nand before but I have and Ipad 4 that is iCloud locked.

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