Thanks for the quick reply. If red tint appears only on the laptop screen and external video works perfectly, most likely this is the backlight lamp failure. Flat connettore ricarica Apple iPad Pro I have a Gateway WI. Try reconnecting memory modules. As you know, these laptops bring a 1.

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Thanks in advance for any help! I can help you to publish the disassembly guide on gateway w350i. Just in case test your w3350i with video on gateway w350i external monitor. I also probed both pins at the same time as i am not sure of the correct way to test ac current. When I was moving it around the screen went almost completely black.

Is it possible that a cable is lose or dirty? Gateway w350i, the screen brightness gateway w350i to normal whenever you move the laptop, correct? Does this sound like a screen or a wiring issue? Support

The display is just black. No HP startup splash screen. I just recently figured out on my own how to disassemble the screen and replace the inverter on a Gateway CX series Gateway w350i Notebook Tablet PC, this particular one is the W350ii or would you be able to give me some idea as gateway w350i what may have been damaged and if it would be worth repairing.

Gateway w350i memory fails test, replace it. Maybe Gatewat can figure out how to disconnect those cable if I see the picture.

If gateway w350i works fine through an external monitor should I still replace the motherboard or are they simply missing something? This sounds like a problem with the video card.

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With bad cable you would get no voltage at all, but you are reading 3volts. Hey, About a week ago my laptop started giving me problems. I think you have a problem with the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. What do you think of testing the input voltage to the gateway w350i However, I wonder if can I gateway w350i other hp laptop series inverter to replace for this series inverter.

Can you get image on the external screen? Gateway w350i i test them with gateway w350i multimeter they all have No effect on the display. Do you you think my inverter is going bad? I wish all laptop manufacturers would be the same.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

gateway w350i Most likely there is a problem with the backlight lamp. My computer is no longer under warranty and it is also my work computer so I am freaking out and want to fix it myself and gateway w350i tell my boss about the problem. There no lines on the monitor, I see them only on laptop screen. Last week I repaired one laptop with exactly the same problem description it made a sound, like a zzzzzt and then a pop. I wanted to follow up with an earlier post that I submitted in regards to an attachment of a black cable to the motherboard.

If no help, go to the gateway w350i 2. However, it recurs when the unit goes into standby gateway w350i. When I power on the system the onboard lcd lights up gray and has no picture what so ever, an external monitor works fine, is this an inverter, lcd, MB, or video cable gateway w350i Remove the DVD drive and turn on the laptop. I guess there could be a problem with the motherboard. I have a Gateway WI. Can see desktop but unable to read letters, very fuzzy and graphics look worse than safe mode.

Screen inverter board

I guess I could always be wrong though…. But why gateway w350i it work sometimes then? Gateway w350i there a remedy? Inverter,power supply or what is it?? I will get a LCD lamp with a small plug in my case from ebay to test with per your recommendation.

Unfortunately he is unexperienced and perhaps did nor insert the converter correctly. I noticed gatewsy if I look at my screen from an angle with an external light, I can see the icons and everything.

Can you see the entire desktop image on the working part of the screen and it looks kinda compressed, or the black stripe gateway w350i the right side covers part of the desktop image and gateway w350i is unusable?

Suddenly while it was on the display went blank and gateway w350i never came back.

Try replacing the video cable. So please help me out in solving out this issue.

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