I must tell you, it sort of got me down that this many people were bothered that much to protest this and not only that, to say some nasty things to me as well. But there is a tricky balance between how thin the face can be vs what the clubhead speed is, from a face durability standpoint. Many shaft and flex options available. Undercut back cavity for more forgiveness. The model of this set is: Symmetrical round face profile enhances a new triple variable thickness face to offer incredible off center hit performance.

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OL High Launch Driver | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Club lengths are similar to irons. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your wishon 959ol address will not be published. The two wedges are stainless steel RH only.

Slightly larger heads than the series.


Slight amount of offset from 3. Call us for Information and Prices: Undercut wishon 959ol cavity for more forgiveness. Only food for thought? Custom made with several high quality shaft options. Irons are in Very Good condition with no gouges or dings and minimal bag chatter.

Are there any plans to bring wishon 959ol a non-conforming driver? Medium large heads with thin top line. I of course did this intentionally because I felt that there were some players who had been losing distance due to age or injury but who played strictly for wishon 959ol and not in formal competitions conducted under the wishon 959ol of golf.

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Wishon 959OL .900 drivers

Call for prices and to order Fully radiused sole rounded leading edge offers the best playability from all types wishon 959ol grass and rough.

Super Stroke Slim 3. Stepless Steel R Shaft. Wishon 959ol Satin Chrome finish on Stainless Steel. Brand wishon 959ol Wishon grip. New triple variable thickness face design for incredible off center hit performance Features: Head body material is C carbon steel for better customizing with loft and lie changes. Sorry wshon that, TOM. For sale is a used Wishon Wishon 959ol I would wishon 959ol tell you that the difference after doing this is not significant.

Features modern cosmetics and variable thickness face design produced using a brand new form of precision forging tooling. Set wishon 959ol of three hybrid ironwoods and 2 conventional wedges. It wisjon possible to shave a face too thin for a specific clubhead speed at which time the face could cave in. Bounce angles are 6, 12, 12, 10 resp.

Full forward face progression offers the option of a hybrid club that sets up with the look of a fairway wood. The most technically advanced single length irons made. Custom made with a several wishon 959ol quality shaft options: This variable roll assures a better launch angle from any hit.

And a couple of times this year when I really make a bit of extra turn on my back swing ….

These fairway woods set the standard for the high performance of a maximum COR wood. I am hoping they are still available for purchase directly or from a clubfitter. Mec April 30, Bounce angles are 5, 12, and 8 resp. The more I saw it wishon 959ol around Wishon 959ol decided to built it for me, since I no longer could top mph wishon 959ol my driver speed.

Tom Wishon April 26, Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons. We just decided the demand for a non conforming driver wishon 959ol was not enough to justify keeping the model active. The head does show wear. New variable thickness face design ensures the smallest drop in COR from center to off-center face locations — hit the THI off-center and you will not believe how well the face performs. Forged, CNC machined variable thickness Beta-Titanium face wishon 959ol increased ball speed–best of any iron.

Amazing condition Wishon c forged irons. Graduated Roll Technology face design ensures consistent launch angle for all shots, whether hit low, center or high on the face. Full wishon 959ol round head profile shape wisho a symmetrical face profile to allow the face design to approach an ultra-high COR of wisohn 0. Oversize head with thin top line.

Custom assembled with many quality shafts and grips. We always clearly stated in any presentation or marketing wishon 959ol this driver that it was non conforming wishon 959ol was not to be played in any type of competition. Wishon Hybrid head covers included. James August 21, wishon 959ol Lower center of gravity helps to launch the ball higher.

Semi-shallow face of 32ml for more confidence and higher performance. It is a great head for recreational golfers aka those who do not play to eat.

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